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May 31 2016


A Female’s No Man’s Land

What passes for manhood these days is pathetic.
The wanton emasculation and feminization of men, though ruinous, is indicative of greater offenses.
The unrelenting decades-old assault on manhood has clearly taken its toll, rendering masculinity a pejorative, and men irrelevant.
Ironically we hear women complain about a lack of "good" men, implying the fallout from male debasement has undercut what women truly need, strong male leadership.
I'm not qualifying female angst, nor minimizing the psychological effects of anti-male propoganda. But it's obvious men are not carrying their weight, succumbing too easily to feminine influence, often blithely so.
Excuses abound: poverty, race, fatherlessness, feminism, etc. Ultimately, reasons don't matter, or change the fact that a hardcore turn around is necessary.
Being "less than" has become a way of life for men, flip-flopping the concept of who's the stronger or weaker sex.
For example, many dudes would rather stay boys, than embrace manhood. They're ubiquitous, so-called, grown assed men with pants saggin', living their lives according to the latest Hip Hop beat, chasing instant gratification, with female drama not far behind.
Or, weak-minded guys eager to fit into contemporary society, striving to be average, while obligingly supplicating to female influence and down playing their masculinity.
Reality dictates that voids must be filled.
If men can't hold their own, who can blame right-minded women for picking up the slack? It's about survival.
Unfortunately, if a woman steps outside of her lane, playing the man's position, she loses touch with her feminine essence, becoming aggressive, bitter and dominate. This wreaks havoc on her ability to get and keep a grown man.
In truth, women desperately want assertive men to lead them, not the society endorsed fifty-fifty división of power that's forced down our throats. Women cannot be a men, and why would they want to be?
Intimacy isn't about power. This is a grand illusion, similar to believing you can "have it all," implying you can be different, not who you really are. (Ridiculous!)
The ideal is for men and women to realize their respective masculine and feminine truths, complimenting one another.
Simply put, a grown man is comfortable with his masculinity, appreciates femininity and satisfies his woman on all levels. A mature woman responds in kind; loving and supporting her capable, masculine, man.
I know this seems farfetched, considering that men today are motivated by superficial preferences and feminine whims.
Still, inspite of the madness, you must keep working on yourself. Don't get discouraged, or let limiting cultural and social beliefs hold you back.
Be a man, embody masculine virtues. Courage, independence, leadership and truth are your foundation.
Never relent!
Manhood is your destiny.
Stay strong.


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